You may be asking where spray foam insulation near me might be? Or you may have questions regarding your new basement remodel and want it to be toasty warm for the winter. You might be asking yourself how would you do insulation for a basement remodel like this? Would you use basement foam insulation or just the old standby fiberglass? What’s the worst thing that can happen if you do the job wrong, and how do you avoid problems down the road? Is the insulation for the basement wall in new construction any different than a removel job? 

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What questions do you need to ask?

So many questions need to be asked, but they are all important! Know that your questions are ones that could generate a lot of answers. Any number of insulation contractors or insulation companies would probably tell you their method is the best, but we want to provide you with as much information and resources as possible. 

How to insulate a basement?

There are two ways to insulate a basement that do a superb job. The first one works well if you’re on a tight budget. The key is to create an air space between the foundation wall and the backside of the stud wall that you’ll construct for your wiring and fiberglass insulation.

The air space can be as little as a one-half inch and still be effective. This air space allows for minimum air circulation should water vapor get to the cold wall. After all, we don’t want any mold or mildew in your basement due to water damage or water issues! 

Perhaps the most effective way to install basement insulation is to use both spray foam insulation in conjunction with stud walls that also contain fiberglass batts. The rigid closed-cell foam is installed in large sheets, usually no less than one and one-half inches thick, over the entire surface of the foundation wall. The spray foam insulation should cover the foundation wall from the top of the floor slab all the way to the very top of the foundation wall.

If you have any questions about spray foam insulation, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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