Wondering about a contractor Crawl Space or Subfloor Insulation in Los Angeles County and Orange County? 

Our qualified crawl space insulation contractors will get the work done in many different situations and will gladly answer any questions you may have.

No insulation currently present? 

Not a problem! Perhaps you just bought a home, are looking to remodel a home, or have an older home. These types of houses usually do not have crawl space insulation and this is fairly common. Don’t worry! Installing crawl space or subfloor insulation is our specialty. Just call CalInsulation and we will take the stress out of insulation your home’s crawl space.

Wondering if your R-Value is up to the standards? 

The standard R-38 value is very important. If your home is not at this standard R-38 value, this leads to higher electricity bills due to energy expenditure spent on heating and cooling your home. If your crawl space does have insulation, it still may not be up to the R-value standards! Replacing or including crawl space insulation will definitely help save you money in the long run. 

Why should R-Value matter to my Crawl Space or Sub-Floor Home Insulation? 

The United States Department of Energy warns homeowners that just 1 in 5 homes constructed prior to 1980 are sufficiently insulated. While homes constructed today are required to meet R-Value standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy, this requirement was not included in building codes prior to the mid-1970s. This means that approximately 80% of homes built before this time need better insulation! If you’re uncertain if your home falls within this category, contact us and our insulation contractors near me or us can help you determine if you’re in need of insulation.

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California Insulation is one of the best insulation contractors near you. We use the latest and safest insulation compounds and application technology, designed for California codes. Contact us for more information! 

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