Thermal insulation is a great way to minimize energy loss, which can save you money. Insulating ducts helps the air in the duct stay at the correct temperature. It also prevents the ducts from leaking air. Ducts that leak air can result in greater energy consumption and higher utility bills. 

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Heat loss through the duct walls is an expected and inevitable drain on the system. Effective thermal insulation of the ductwork reduces this heat loss and helps to minimize energy usage.

Do you have an air conditioning unit?

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Insulating ducts isn’t only necessary for efficient energy use, but also to ensure that you don’t incur water damage. Cool air passing through warm areas of a building can cause condensation and dripping, which can lead to mold, water damage, and more. Uninsulated AC ducts are also at risk of becoming rusted or stained, due to condensation on the metal.

Should return ducts be insulated?

The U.S. Department of Energy Codes indicated that return ducts should be insulated, though not usually with the same insulation thickness as the supply.

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