You probably use your garage for a variety of things–storage, special projects like car restoration or a hobby, or laundry. Have you checked your current R-value for your garage? If it isn’t at the standard of around R-38, you may want to consider garage insulation. 

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You may have already researched “insulation companies near me”…and we’re here to help give you more information on the garage insulation process. To keep it simple, what you need to know about insulation is that it simply slows the transfer of heat. Heat wants to travel rapidly from where it’s hot to where it’s cold. This is one of the simple laws of thermodynamics you may have studied in high school physics.

Garage Temperature

The actual temperature of your garage in the winter depends on so many things. For example, how well is the garage door weather-stripped? Are there other air leaks around the walls or ceiling of the garage? How much heat from your house or condo leaks into your garage? How often do you drive your car and do you park it right away in your garage so the heat from the car and engine helps heat the garage space?


The bottom line is: if you don’t supply heat or cooling into your garage, the garage space temperature will eventually start to be quite close to whatever the outdoor air temperature is no matter how well insulated the garage walls, ceiling and garage door are.


We can help address any issues you may currently be experiencing with your garage insulation. We have amazing insulation contractors who are happy to get you a quote! Click below for more information.

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